Joe Louis Arena Rafter Diagram

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Joe Louis Arena
1996-97 Clarence Campbell Bowl1997-98 Clarence Campbell Bowl1998-99 Central Division Champions2000-01 Central Division Champions2001-02 Western Conference Regular Season Champions2001-02 Presidents' Trophy2001-02 Central Division Champions2001-02 Clarence Campbell Bowl2006-07 Central Division Champions2005-06 Presidents' Trophy2005-06 Western Conference Regular Season Champions2005-06 Central Division Champions2003-04 Presidents' Trophy2003-04 Western Conference Regular Season Champions2003-04 Central Division Champions2002-03 Central Division Champions2008-09 Clarence Campbell Bowl2008-09 Central Division Champions2007-08 Clarence Campbell Bowl2007-08 Central Division Champions2007-08 Presidents' Trophy2007-08 Western Conference Regular Season Champions2006-07 Western Conference Regular Season Champions1995-96 Presidents' Trophy1995-96 Western Conference Regular Season Champions1995-96 Central Division Champions1995 Presidents' Trophy1995 Clarence Campbell Bowl1995 Western Conference Regular Season Champions1995 Central Division Champions1993-94 Central Division Champions1993-94 Western Conference Regular Season Champions1991-92 Norris Division Champions1988-89 Norris Division Champions1987-88 Norris Division Champions1987-88 Norris Division Playoff Champions1986-87 Norris Division Playoff Champions1964-65 League Champions1956-57 League Champions1954-55 League Champions1953-54 League Champions1952-53 League Champions1951-52 League Champions1950-51 League Champions1949-50 League Champions1948-49 League Champions1942-43 League Champions1936-37 League Champions1935-36 League Champions2007-08 Stanley Cup Champions2001-02 Stanley Cup Champions1997-98 Stanley Cup Champions1996-97 Stanley Cup Champions1954-55 Stanley Cup Champions1953-54 Stanley Cup Champions1951-52 Stanley Cup Champions1949-50 Stanley Cup Champions1942-43 Stanley Cup Champions1936-37 Stanley Cup Champions1935-36 Stanley Cup ChampionsSteve Yzerman, #19Terry Sawchuk, #1Alex Delvecchio, #10Ted Lindsay, #7Sid Abel, #12Gordie Howe, #91933-34 American Division Champions2010-11 Central Division ChampionsNicklas Lidstrom, #5

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