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Detroit's record over the span of your search was 297-239-69

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November 24, 1926Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
December 25, 1926Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
February 1, 1927Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W OT
February 19, 1927Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
March 8, 1927Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
March 22, 1927Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T OT
November 26, 1927Chicago Black HawksAway0-0 T OT
December 1, 1927Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
January 18, 1928Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
January 29, 1928Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
February 19, 1928Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
March 17, 1928Chicago Black HawksAway7-0 W
December 30, 1928Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
January 1, 1929Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
January 6, 1929Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
February 5, 1929Chicago Black HawksHome0-1 L
February 24, 1929Chicago Black HawksAway*0-0 T OT
February 26, 1929Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
November 24, 1929Chicago Black HawksAway0-4 L
December 19, 1929Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
January 5, 1930Chicago Black HawksAway4-0 W
January 9, 1930Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T OT
February 2, 1930Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
February 23, 1930Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
December 7, 1930Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
December 9, 1930Chicago Black HawksHome1-0 W
January 4, 1931Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
February 20, 1931Chicago Black HawksAway5-4 W OT
February 22, 1931Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T OT
March 22, 1931Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
December 16, 1931Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L OT
December 17, 1931Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 6, 1932Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
January 14, 1932Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
January 27, 1932Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L OT
January 28, 1932Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
February 14, 1932Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
March 16, 1932Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T OT
November 10, 1932Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
December 8, 1932Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
December 25, 1932Chicago Black HawksHome4-0 W
February 5, 1933Chicago Black HawksHome1-0 W
February 9, 1933Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
March 19, 1933Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
November 30, 1933Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
December 12, 1933Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
December 14, 1933Chicago Black HawksAway0-4 L
February 8, 1934Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T OT
March 8, 1934Chicago Black HawksAway3-0 W
March 11, 1934Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W OT
April 3, 1934Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L 2OT
April 5, 1934Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
April 8, 1934Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
April 10, 1934Chicago Black HawksAway0-1 L 2OT
December 11, 1934Chicago Black HawksAway0-4 L
December 25, 1934Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
January 8, 1935Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
February 14, 1935Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
February 28, 1935Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
March 14, 1935Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
November 14, 1935Chicago Black HawksHome0-0 T OT
December 12, 1935Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
December 25, 1935Chicago Black HawksHome0-2 L
January 1, 1936Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
January 16, 1936Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
January 30, 1936Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
February 6, 1936Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
March 19, 1936Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
November 26, 1936Chicago Black HawksHome0-2 L
December 13, 1936Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W OT
December 25, 1936Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T OT
January 1, 1937Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
January 17, 1937Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
January 19, 1937Chicago Black HawksHome7-2 W
February 21, 1937Chicago Black HawksHome6-0 W
February 25, 1937Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
November 18, 1937Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
November 25, 1937Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
December 16, 1937Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
December 30, 1937Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T OT
January 20, 1938Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
January 27, 1938Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
February 20, 1938Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
March 13, 1938Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
November 24, 1938Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
December 1, 1938Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
December 22, 1938Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T OT
December 29, 1938Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 26, 1939Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
February 9, 1939Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
February 16, 1939Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T OT
March 19, 1939Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
November 2, 1939Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
November 26, 1939Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L OT
January 1, 1940Chicago Black HawksAway0-1 L
January 26, 1940Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T OT
February 4, 1940Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T OT
February 9, 1940Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
March 15, 1940Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
March 17, 1940Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
November 29, 1940Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
December 5, 1940Chicago Black HawksAway5-1 W
December 29, 1940Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
January 1, 1941Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
January 12, 1941Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
February 14, 1941Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
February 27, 1941Chicago Black HawksAway0-1 L
March 13, 1941Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
March 27, 1941Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
March 30, 1941Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W OT
November 16, 1941Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
November 27, 1941Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 1, 1942Chicago Black HawksAway3-0 W
January 11, 1942Chicago Black HawksAway5-6 L
January 29, 1942Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
February 12, 1942Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
February 19, 1942Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
March 19, 1942Chicago Black HawksHome6-4 W
November 8, 1942Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T OT
November 19, 1942Chicago Black HawksAway2-6 L
December 17, 1942Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
December 27, 1942Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
January 10, 1943Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
January 16, 1943Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
January 17, 1943Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
March 6, 1943Chicago Black HawksHome5-0 W
March 7, 1943Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
March 18, 1943Chicago Black HawksHome6-5 W
November 21, 1943Chicago Black HawksHome5-2 W
November 25, 1943Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
December 22, 1943Chicago Black HawksAway1-7 L
January 9, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
January 20, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
January 30, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
March 4, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome6-2 W
March 5, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway1-6 L
March 18, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome6-3 W
March 19, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
March 21, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
March 23, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
March 26, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
March 28, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway1-7 L
March 30, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome2-5 L
November 25, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome7-4 W
November 26, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway5-6 L
December 17, 1944Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
December 31, 1944Chicago Black HawksHome6-2 W
January 1, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
January 27, 1945Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
January 28, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
February 24, 1945Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
February 25, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
March 18, 1945Chicago Black HawksHome3-5 L
November 15, 1945Chicago Black HawksHome5-2 W
November 18, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway5-3 W
December 16, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
December 22, 1945Chicago Black HawksHome4-6 L
December 23, 1945Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
January 6, 1946Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
February 16, 1946Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
February 17, 1946Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
March 13, 1946Chicago Black HawksAway4-9 L
March 14, 1946Chicago Black HawksHome7-3 W
October 23, 1946Chicago Black HawksHome5-6 L
November 17, 1946Chicago Black HawksHome5-2 W
November 20, 1946Chicago Black HawksAway8-6 W
December 4, 1946Chicago Black HawksAway0-0 T
December 18, 1946Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
January 9, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome4-6 L
January 23, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome8-2 W
February 15, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
February 16, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
March 2, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
March 15, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome8-3 W
March 16, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway10-6 W
October 15, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
October 29, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
November 22, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome8-5 W
November 23, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway9-3 W
December 13, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
December 17, 1947Chicago Black HawksAway7-1 W
December 31, 1947Chicago Black HawksHome4-0 W
January 1, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
January 18, 1948Chicago Black HawksHome4-5 L
February 3, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
March 9, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
March 10, 1948Chicago Black HawksHome7-2 W
October 13, 1948Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 14, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
November 27, 1948Chicago Black HawksHome3-5 L
November 28, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway9-6 W
December 15, 1948Chicago Black HawksAway1-5 L
January 1, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway3-5 L
January 2, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
January 19, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
February 2, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome6-4 W
February 3, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
March 5, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome6-5 W
March 6, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway6-2 W
October 23, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
October 27, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
November 16, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
November 24, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
November 26, 1949Chicago Black HawksHome2-7 L
December 18, 1949Chicago Black HawksAway5-3 W
January 18, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway5-4 W
January 21, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
February 8, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome9-2 W
February 15, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
February 26, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
March 11, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
March 12, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
March 26, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome4-5 L
October 28, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 16, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway5-1 W
November 25, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
November 26, 1950Chicago Black HawksAway0-5 L
December 19, 1950Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
January 4, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome1-0 W
January 17, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
January 18, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
January 23, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway8-2 W
February 7, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome11-3 W
February 8, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
March 11, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway7-0 W
March 17, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome8-2 W
March 18, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
October 18, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway6-1 W
November 15, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 24, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome2-6 L
November 25, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
December 15, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
December 20, 1951Chicago Black HawksAway6-4 W
December 29, 1951Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
January 26, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
January 27, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
February 14, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
February 24, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
March 3, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
March 15, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
March 16, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway4-0 W
October 14, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T
October 16, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome7-0 W
November 22, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome10-1 W
November 23, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
December 6, 1952Chicago Black HawksAway*2-0 W
December 25, 1952Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
January 4, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
January 29, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
January 31, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome4-0 W
February 15, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
February 16, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
March 14, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome1-3 L
March 15, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway0-0 T
March 21, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
October 16, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
October 17, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
November 28, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome9-0 W
November 29, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway9-4 W
December 6, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome0-5 L
December 17, 1953Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
December 18, 1953Chicago Black HawksAway*3-1 W
January 1, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
January 30, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
January 31, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway5-1 W
February 14, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway5-0 W
February 15, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
February 25, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway*3-2 W
March 11, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome6-2 W
October 17, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
October 23, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
November 20, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome5-0 W
November 21, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
December 5, 1954Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
December 12, 1954Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
January 8, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome1-0 W
January 9, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway*6-2 W
January 29, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway*2-2 T
February 13, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway5-1 W
February 15, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
February 27, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
March 3, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
March 12, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
October 6, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
October 15, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
October 20, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
November 5, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
November 10, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
November 19, 1955Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
November 20, 1955Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T
January 1, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
January 14, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway*3-1 W
January 27, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway7-0 W
February 7, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
February 19, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway3-5 L
March 10, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
March 11, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
October 11, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
October 25, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 11, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
November 24, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
November 25, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
December 15, 1956Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
December 16, 1956Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
January 19, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
January 24, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome6-2 W
February 9, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
February 10, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
February 23, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
March 12, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
March 14, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
October 27, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
October 29, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway0-1 L
November 16, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway1-0 W
November 17, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
December 21, 1957Chicago Black HawksAway5-3 W
December 22, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
December 31, 1957Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
January 1, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
January 11, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 16, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
February 9, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway2-1 W
March 8, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
March 20, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway4-5 L
March 22, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome4-6 L
October 16, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome2-7 L
October 18, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
November 8, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
November 16, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
December 6, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway4-3 W
December 7, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
December 21, 1958Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
December 31, 1958Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
January 21, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
January 24, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
February 21, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome5-2 W
March 1, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
March 15, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
March 17, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
October 14, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
October 15, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
November 1, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
November 15, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway3-5 L
November 16, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
December 9, 1959Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
December 17, 1959Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
January 1, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
January 13, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
January 16, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
February 7, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome5-0 W
February 28, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
March 13, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T
March 15, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
October 5, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T
October 6, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
October 30, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
November 13, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway1-7 L
November 15, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
December 18, 1960Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
December 25, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
December 31, 1960Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
January 1, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
January 11, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
January 26, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
February 8, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
February 28, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
March 15, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
April 6, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
April 8, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
April 10, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
April 12, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
April 14, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway3-6 L
April 16, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome1-5 L
October 14, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
October 15, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
November 15, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
November 26, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
December 9, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
December 10, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
December 28, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
January 4, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
January 31, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
February 1, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome4-7 L
February 21, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
February 24, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome1-6 L
March 18, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
March 20, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
October 13, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway0-0 T
October 21, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 4, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
November 14, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
November 24, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway1-1 T
November 25, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
December 15, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
January 1, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
January 26, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
February 6, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
February 21, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome3-5 L
February 23, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
March 17, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
March 19, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway5-1 W
March 26, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway4-5 L
March 28, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
March 31, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
April 2, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
April 4, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
April 7, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome7-4 W
October 10, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
October 24, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
October 29, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway1-5 L
November 20, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
December 14, 1963Chicago Black HawksHome5-4 W
December 15, 1963Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
January 9, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
January 11, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway3-6 L
January 25, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
January 29, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
February 5, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
February 6, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome4-0 W
February 27, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
March 15, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
March 26, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
March 29, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway5-4 W
March 31, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
April 2, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L OT
April 5, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
April 7, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome7-2 W
April 9, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
October 17, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
October 18, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
November 18, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
December 12, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
December 13, 1964Chicago Black HawksAway0-5 L
December 31, 1964Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
January 9, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome4-7 L
January 10, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
January 30, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
February 10, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
February 11, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
February 24, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
March 3, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
March 21, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
April 1, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
April 4, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome6-3 W
April 6, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
April 8, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
April 11, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
April 13, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway0-4 L
April 15, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
October 28, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome1-5 L
November 10, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
November 23, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
November 25, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway1-3 L
December 18, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
December 19, 1965Chicago Black HawksAway4-5 L
December 31, 1965Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
January 29, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
January 30, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome1-5 L
February 9, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
February 26, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
March 2, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway4-5 L
March 16, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
March 27, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
April 7, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
April 10, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway7-0 W
April 12, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
April 14, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
April 17, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway5-3 W
April 19, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome3-2 W
October 22, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome4-7 L
October 23, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
November 10, 1966Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
November 19, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway2-7 L
December 4, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
December 21, 1966Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
January 5, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome6-4 W
January 11, 1967Chicago Black HawksAway1-6 L
January 12, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 26, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
February 12, 1967Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
February 16, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome1-5 L
March 26, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
March 28, 1967Chicago Black HawksAway2-7 L
October 29, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome5-1 W
November 19, 1967Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
December 14, 1967Chicago Black HawksHome1-3 L
January 6, 1968Chicago Black HawksAway2-6 L
January 13, 1968Chicago Black HawksHome4-4 T
January 24, 1968Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
February 17, 1968Chicago Black HawksHome4-7 L
February 18, 1968Chicago Black HawksAway1-7 L
March 28, 1968Chicago Black HawksHome3-1 W
March 31, 1968Chicago Black HawksAway5-5 T
October 27, 1968Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
November 6, 1968Chicago Black HawksAway6-5 W
December 19, 1968Chicago Black HawksHome0-2 L
January 1, 1969Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
February 6, 1969Chicago Black HawksHome6-1 W
February 8, 1969Chicago Black HawksAway3-1 W
March 29, 1969Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
March 30, 1969Chicago Black HawksAway5-9 L
October 15, 1969Chicago Black HawksAway4-1 W
November 29, 1969Chicago Black HawksHome5-4 W
December 7, 1969Chicago Black HawksAway1-5 L
January 4, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome4-0 W
January 7, 1970Chicago Black HawksAway0-7 L
January 22, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
March 26, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome0-1 L
April 1, 1970Chicago Black HawksAway5-2 W
April 8, 1970Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
April 9, 1970Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
April 11, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
April 12, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
October 15, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
November 4, 1970Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
December 31, 1970Chicago Black HawksHome3-8 L
January 21, 1971Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
March 21, 1971Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
April 3, 1971Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
October 10, 1971Chicago Black HawksAway1-2 L
October 26, 1971Chicago Black HawksHome2-5 L
January 30, 1972Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
February 12, 1972Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
March 12, 1972Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
April 2, 1972Chicago Black HawksAway1-6 L
November 12, 1972Chicago Black HawksAway1-5 L
November 29, 1972Chicago Black HawksAway3-8 L
January 17, 1973Chicago Black HawksHome4-6 L
March 18, 1973Chicago Black HawksAway2-0 W
March 31, 1973Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
December 5, 1973Chicago Black HawksHome2-8 L
January 13, 1974Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
March 3, 1974Chicago Black HawksHome6-6 T
March 30, 1974Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
April 7, 1974Chicago Black HawksAway4-7 L
October 9, 1974Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
December 18, 1974Chicago Black HawksAway5-7 L
March 20, 1975Chicago Black HawksHome2-6 L
March 23, 1975Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
October 15, 1975Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T
November 1, 1975Chicago Black HawksHome1-3 L
January 31, 1976Chicago Black HawksHome2-1 W
March 21, 1976Chicago Black HawksAway6-0 W
October 30, 1976Chicago Black HawksHome1-4 L
December 29, 1976Chicago Black HawksAway3-6 L
January 22, 1977Chicago Black HawksHome0-3 L
February 23, 1977Chicago Black HawksAway2-5 L
December 6, 1977Chicago Black HawksHome1-2 L
January 19, 1978Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
January 28, 1978Chicago Black HawksAway1-6 L
April 1, 1978Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
October 28, 1978Chicago Black HawksHome7-2 W
December 10, 1978Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
March 18, 1979Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
March 20, 1979Chicago Black HawksHome5-3 W
November 3, 1979Chicago Black HawksHome2-0 W
December 16, 1979Chicago Black HawksAway3-7 L
January 13, 1980Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
April 5, 1980Chicago Black HawksHome1-3 L
October 28, 1980Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
December 13, 1980Chicago Black HawksHome7-3 W
March 4, 1981Chicago Black HawksAway3-3 T
March 29, 1981Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
November 11, 1981Chicago Black HawksAway5-5 T
November 14, 1981Chicago Black HawksHome6-3 W
January 3, 1982Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
January 20, 1982Chicago Black HawksAway5-4 W
February 4, 1982Chicago Black HawksHome6-4 W
March 20, 1982Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
March 24, 1982Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
October 17, 1982Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
November 13, 1982Chicago Black HawksHome2-3 L
November 21, 1982Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
December 31, 1982Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
January 16, 1983Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
February 5, 1983Chicago Black HawksHome3-4 L
March 10, 1983Chicago Black HawksHome4-2 W
March 27, 1983Chicago Black HawksAway0-6 L
October 9, 1983Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
November 3, 1983Chicago Black HawksHome7-4 W
December 11, 1983Chicago Black HawksAway2-4 L
December 31, 1983Chicago Black HawksHome4-3 W
February 18, 1984Chicago Black HawksHome6-0 W
February 26, 1984Chicago Black HawksAway4-2 W
March 31, 1984Chicago Black HawksHome2-4 L
April 1, 1984Chicago Black HawksAway3-4 L
October 11, 1984Chicago Black HawksAway3-7 L
October 20, 1984Chicago Black HawksHome7-4 W
December 7, 1984Chicago Black HawksHome5-4 W
December 12, 1984Chicago Black HawksAway1-5 L
February 16, 1985Chicago Black HawksHome7-4 W
February 17, 1985Chicago Black HawksAway4-4 T OT
February 24, 1985Chicago Black HawksAway2-3 L
April 6, 1985Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T OT
April 10, 1985Chicago Black HawksAway5-9 L
April 11, 1985Chicago Black HawksAway1-6 L
April 13, 1985Chicago Black HawksHome2-8 L
October 19, 1985Chicago Black HawksHome2-6 L
December 15, 1985Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
December 21, 1985Chicago Black HawksHome3-6 L
January 10, 1986Chicago Black HawksHome4-9 L
January 19, 1986Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
March 5, 1986Chicago Black HawksAway8-3 W
March 22, 1986Chicago Black HawksHome8-4 W
March 26, 1986Chicago Black HawksAway3-5 L

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