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Detroit's record over the span of your search was 66-54-8

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October 5, 1993Dallas StarsAway4-6 L
October 25, 1993Dallas StarsHome3-5 L
November 27, 1993Dallas StarsHome10-4 W
December 27, 1993Dallas StarsAway6-0 W
January 14, 1994Dallas StarsHome9-3 W
April 14, 1994Dallas StarsAway3-4 L
March 16, 1995Dallas StarsHome5-4 W
March 30, 1995Dallas StarsHome3-2 W
April 1, 1995Dallas StarsAway3-2 W
April 11, 1995Dallas StarsAway4-1 W
April 29, 1995Dallas StarsHome4-2 W
May 7, 1995Dallas StarsHome4-3 W
May 9, 1995Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
May 11, 1995Dallas StarsAway5-1 W
May 14, 1995Dallas StarsAway1-4 L
May 15, 1995Dallas StarsHome3-1 W
November 4, 1995Dallas StarsHome5-1 W
December 7, 1995Dallas StarsHome3-1 W
December 29, 1995Dallas StarsAway2-1 W
January 3, 1996Dallas StarsHome3-3 T OT
January 10, 1996Dallas StarsAway4-0 W
April 14, 1996Dallas StarsAway5-1 W
October 15, 1996Dallas StarsAway1-3 L
October 23, 1996Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
January 3, 1997Dallas StarsHome1-2 L
January 8, 1997Dallas StarsAway3-6 L
February 2, 1997Dallas StarsHome4-3 W OT
February 14, 1997Dallas StarsAway3-4 L OT
October 8, 1997Dallas StarsHome3-1 W
November 21, 1997Dallas StarsHome4-2 W
December 29, 1997Dallas StarsHome2-2 T OT
January 9, 1998Dallas StarsAway3-3 T OT
April 15, 1998Dallas StarsAway1-3 L
May 24, 1998Dallas StarsAway2-0 W
May 26, 1998Dallas StarsAway1-3 L
May 29, 1998Dallas StarsHome5-3 W
May 31, 1998Dallas StarsHome3-2 W
June 3, 1998Dallas StarsAway2-3 L OT
June 5, 1998Dallas StarsHome2-0 W
October 31, 1998Dallas StarsAway2-3 L
November 13, 1998Dallas StarsHome1-5 L
December 18, 1998Dallas StarsHome1-3 L
April 4, 1999Dallas StarsAway3-0 W
October 5, 1999Dallas StarsHome2-3 L
November 10, 1999Dallas StarsAway4-2 W
February 23, 2000Dallas StarsHome2-5 L
March 5, 2000Dallas StarsAway5-3 W
November 17, 2000Dallas StarsHome0-1 L
January 4, 2001Dallas StarsHome4-2 W
January 12, 2001Dallas StarsAway3-2 W
February 18, 2001Dallas StarsAway2-1 W
October 26, 2001Dallas StarsHome3-5 L
October 31, 2001Dallas StarsAway4-3 W OT
January 12, 2002Dallas StarsHome5-2 W
January 16, 2002Dallas StarsAway2-3 L
November 3, 2002Dallas StarsHome3-3 T OT
December 6, 2002Dallas StarsAway3-3 T OT
December 19, 2002Dallas StarsHome1-1 T OT
December 29, 2002Dallas StarsAway2-2 T OT
October 24, 2003Dallas StarsHome4-0 W
November 12, 2003Dallas StarsAway6-2 W
January 26, 2004Dallas StarsAway2-2 T OT
March 13, 2004Dallas StarsHome3-0 W
December 27, 2005Dallas StarsAway4-1 W
January 8, 2006Dallas StarsHome3-6 L
January 28, 2006Dallas StarsAway1-2 L SO
April 17, 2006Dallas StarsHome3-2 W
October 27, 2006Dallas StarsAway4-3 W
November 27, 2006Dallas StarsHome2-1 W
February 14, 2007Dallas StarsAway3-1 W
March 30, 2007Dallas StarsHome3-4 L SO
January 2, 2008Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
January 5, 2008Dallas StarsAway3-0 W
February 17, 2008Dallas StarsAway0-1 L
March 13, 2008Dallas StarsHome5-3 W
May 8, 2008Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
May 10, 2008Dallas StarsHome2-1 W
May 12, 2008Dallas StarsAway5-2 W
May 14, 2008Dallas StarsAway1-3 L
May 17, 2008Dallas StarsHome1-2 L
May 19, 2008Dallas StarsAway4-1 W
December 12, 2008Dallas StarsAway1-3 L
January 8, 2009Dallas StarsHome6-1 W
January 12, 2009Dallas StarsAway4-5 L OT
January 29, 2009Dallas StarsHome2-4 L
November 18, 2009Dallas StarsHome1-3 L
November 30, 2009Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
December 19, 2009Dallas StarsAway3-4 L
January 16, 2010Dallas StarsAway2-3 L SO
October 14, 2010Dallas StarsAway1-4 L
December 19, 2010Dallas StarsHome3-4 L OT
December 29, 2010Dallas StarsAway7-3 W
February 24, 2011Dallas StarsHome1-4 L
November 12, 2011Dallas StarsHome5-2 W
January 3, 2012Dallas StarsAway5-4 W
January 17, 2012Dallas StarsAway3-2 W SO
February 14, 2012Dallas StarsHome3-1 W
January 22, 2013Dallas StarsHome1-2 L
January 29, 2013Dallas StarsHome4-1 W
April 27, 2013Dallas StarsAway3-0 W
November 7, 2013Dallas StarsHome3-4 L OT
January 4, 2014Dallas StarsAway5-1 W
December 4, 2014Dallas StarsHome5-2 W
February 21, 2015Dallas StarsAway7-6 W OT
November 8, 2015Dallas StarsHome1-4 L
February 29, 2016Dallas StarsAway3-2 W OT
November 29, 2016Dallas StarsHome3-1 W
January 12, 2017Dallas StarsAway2-5 L
October 10, 2017Dallas StarsAway2-4 L
January 16, 2018Dallas StarsHome2-4 L
October 28, 2018Dallas StarsHome4-2 W
December 29, 2018Dallas StarsAway1-5 L
October 6, 2019Dallas StarsHome4-3 W
January 3, 2020Dallas StarsAway1-4 L
January 26, 2021Dallas StarsAway1-2 L OT
January 28, 2021Dallas StarsAway3-7 L
March 18, 2021Dallas StarsHome3-2 W
March 20, 2021Dallas StarsHome0-3 L
April 19, 2021Dallas StarsAway2-3 L SO
April 20, 2021Dallas StarsAway2-5 L
April 22, 2021Dallas StarsHome7-3 W
April 24, 2021Dallas StarsHome1-2 L OT
November 16, 2021Dallas StarsAway2-5 L
January 21, 2022Dallas StarsHome4-5 L OT
December 10, 2022Dallas StarsAway2-3 L OT
April 10, 2023Dallas StarsHome1-6 L
December 11, 2023Dallas StarsAway3-6 L
January 23, 2024Dallas StarsHome4-5 L

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